Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Brought A Book . . . to a sushi dinner date!

Do you ever carry a book on your person-- stashed in a pocket or backpack-- just in case? You know, just in case you might need it? In case a reading opportunity arises? I've kept boredom away in many a doctor's office, long line, and plane ride. In fact, I really just carry a book with me practically everywhere I go. Even if I don't read it, a book can be a great conversation piece and even (for me) a small bit of comfort knowing it's there. I don't pretend that everyone is this extreme! But this new feature that I'm excited to share with you will highlight some of those crazy places that I Brought A Book . . . and it'll be a little peek at the books I'm currently reading.

I Brought A Book  . . . to a sushi dinner date!
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

What is it about?
A small town girl, Dellarobia (what a name!) has settled in to her disappointing life being a wife and mother. A short-lived attempt at a moment of escape results in her seeing a "lake of fire" in a valley of trees in the mountains behind her house. She can't believe it. It seems like a miracle. She hurries back home, and soon it starts to change everything about her life and self as more people get involved in what it could be or possibly mean . . . and that's as far as I've gotten. 

Have a chance to read it? 
No, my date was way too captivating ;) but talked about it for a moment when asked what I was currently reading. 

Quick thoughts:
Anyone who's read Kingsolver before (hello Poisonwood Bible?) knows that her writing is like a dream. This book is especially descriptive and lovely. I'm not the biggest fan of the plot-- the tired, worn-out, broken dream main character makes me feel tired too-- but before I knew it, I was fifty pages in . . . completely enchanted by Kingsolver's writing style. It literally lulled me to sleep and into reader's dreamland despite my initial dislike of the plot. Who knows? The plot might improve . . . I'm definitely going to keep reading because reading Kingsolver's writing is a bit like getting All You Can Eat at a sushi bar when you're really hungry . . . can't stop won't stop.  


  1. Whitney, I heard her being interviewed about that book the other day on NPR. I loved hearing her speak about why she chose to write that book. After hearing the plot, I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it. Stories about spouses cheating make me sad, but if you like it, I know I will too. Thanks. I'll put it on hold at the library. She is a great author. Love your blog too!

    1. I heard that interview too! And I agree with you about the cheating spouses thing . . . I just didn't like the main character well enough to finish the book. I only got halfway through . . . but I was glad I read part of it, because her writing is just amazing! p.s. I miss sharing books with you! :)