Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Links 01

Books with wrapped red, green, & silver covers makes Christmas tree decorations at my local J. Crew store . . . so festive!

Just a few fun, bizarre, and sweet links from the book atmosphere this past week. Enjoy: 

Date a Girl Who Reads:
(Such a sweet blog too!)

Bedbugs in books--whaaaaaat?

Stuff found in secondhand books:
(I know I've left a bookmark, receipt or two in a library book before!)

Schoolhouse rock is 40:
(Careful, it'll get stuck in your head . . . again.)

15 weird Christmas books:
(Who would actually read that?!)

Mysterious book sculptor:
(Whoever it is, they've got skills.)

P.S. Coming Soon . . . a Holiday Gift Guide! 

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