Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Boy on the Wooden Box
by Leon Leyson
This memoir is from one of the youngest children to survive the Holocaust. His incredible story involves being on Schindler's List and some unimaginable amounts of courage and strength. I have a feeling that fans of The Boy in The Striped Pajamas might like this one too.

The Bone Season
by Samantha Shannon
A futuristic dystopian society exploits those with supernatural powers--the "voyants" are used, hunted, imprisoned, and killed. The main character works for a secret crime organization, until she is captured and must try to find a way to escape. Some great plot twists and great writing are promised in this big release of the season, and this new author has been compared to Suzanne Collins and even J.K. Rowling. This first book in a series of seven also has the honor of being the first pick for the new Today Show Book Club. A series, and author, to watch??
 The Smartest Kids in the World: and How They Got That Way
by Amanda Ripley
Three American teenagers spend a year attending school in some of the world's best public school systems, and investigative journalist Amanda Ripley reveals the insights into failure, persistence, hard work, and resilience that these top-performing students and schools have achieved. Let this review in the NYT get you interested.

Night Film
Marisha Pessl
The beautiful writing and gripping plot promises to have the perfect touch of noir and suspense. The main character in this thriller is an investigative journalist who looks into the death of a young woman, and in the process has to deal with a cursed family dynasty, a reclusive cult-horror filmmaker father, and a lot more to lose than he thought. This is the second book from this bestselling author

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