Saturday, December 28, 2013


Champion by Marie Lu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The conclusion of Champion convinced me of one thing: that this series is one of the stand-out dystopian trilogies out there. And the end is so wonderfully satisfying.

Part of what makes it stand out is that Champion gives a slightly different timeline than other dystopian books--rather than simply the overthrow of an oppressive government, triumphant young characters fighting for what they know is right--it focuses more on what happens when those idealistic young characters have taken over that oppressive government, turning into leaders that have to defend their beliefs and humanity against other crushing superpowers--fighting to keep a grip on things so they can continue to change and make a difference. Those characters that just seemed like hormonal teenagers have developed naturally into impressive and powerful people capable of pulling off what they did.

I was worried that I wouldn't remember the plot lines or characters very well, having read Prodigy a year or so ago, but a few pages in, I realized that wouldn't be a problem because the plot is easy to get a grip on. The world of the Republic is one caught in war, power struggles, and societal inequality and so full of action . . . just how you would imagine a country at war--one thing after another, and the stakes are high. The pace is quick and it finishes at such a breakneck speed that you'll have to finish the last chapters in one sitting.

I did feel like a plot thread was left hanging when June stepped in at the end to solve a certain hopeless situation with little consequence or thought to why she had the ability to do so, and I also think I would have enjoyed the epilogue better from a third person perspective. Even considering those two things, this series ending was excellent. I'm recommending it like crazy to everyone, especially fans of Hunger Games series, Divergent series, and other similar books.

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