Saturday, February 22, 2014


I believe in a curated book experience where suggestions are offered--catered to you and the types of books you like to read and the type of reader you are. So, I include book reviews for readers of practically every genre, but also--and most dear to my heart--resources for reluctant readers. I'm happy to say that I will now be offering more resources for reluctant readers! Whether you are one, know one, or teach one, there are resources here for you to use: proven tips, books, and a bit of research to guide you. Find these Book Recommendations, Reading Tips, Literacy Links, and Reasons to Read in the top menu bar.

I've also made it easier to find those books that you hear about on Enjoy A Book by including direct links to Goodreads, Amazon, and Indiebound. And hopefully the book synopsis that we now provide when talking about a book will help you get to know the story better and decide if it's one that you would enjoy.

Plus, we now have a new contributor, JR! She started out as a reluctant reader herself, struggling with ADD and dyslexia, but after she read Harry Potter, the world opened up. Find more about her over at the About page, and follow her online on her blog.

As always, we are dedicated to helping you find a book that you enjoy. I've been known to go by the title "Recommender of Books", so if you need extra help with suggestions for yourself or for someone else please send an email! Responses are prompt.

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