Thursday, February 12, 2009


Has anyone ever asked you the question, "what's your favorite book?" I don't know about you, but for me this question is near impossible to answer!! Any book that I'm reading at any given moment could be my favorite!

Alright, I do understand what that question is getting at. So I think I'll share a book that has made my all time favorites list. Let's say this one is somewhere around top 5.
My Antonia by Willa Cather
I'll admit though, that it wasn't one of my favorites when I first read it in high school. But when I read it after high school, the scenic landscapes that she describes so beautifully captured my imagination. I could just picture myself running in the great fields that she describes with the wind blowing in my hair, or looking out upon a cornfield at sunset. . . . "The road ran about like a wild think, avoiding the deep draws, crossing them where they were wide and shallow. And all along it, wherever it looped or ran, the sunflowers grew; some of them were as big as little trees, with great rough leaves and many branches which bore dozens of blossoms. They made a gold ribbon across the prarie . . . " Cather's characters are also so real to life. I can relate to and care for each of them.
So if you want to read a good book-- I would recommend this one. It's one of my favorites ;)


  1. Hey, it's Sascha :)

    I've just been looking over your website and I had to laugh at this post. This is one of Ian's favorite books and he got his mom to read it, and she said it's also one of hers. It's sitting on my nightstand in the lineup to read... and I haven't got to it yet. But I'm all the more excited to read it!

    1. That is so funny! It really is a beautiful book . . . I hope you like it! Tell me when you're done -- I want to know what you think!