Thursday, February 28, 2013


Presenting the first Short List! Check out some of these books that I hand picked for reluctant readers. Not a reluctant reader? You'll enjoy them anyway!

And remember, when finding a book for the reluctant reader it's best to go for a book on their reading level that will deliver a powerful reading experience. That's what we're going for here-- the experience of reading! You know-- that I'm hooked and can't put it down, just finished and still thinking about it, now I want another--kind of reading experience. If you're going to attain that, a book has to be fairly close to the target reader's reading level. If it's too hard (even if it delivers a whopper of a reading experience) than the reluctant reader won't get into enough to enjoy it. So build up the positive reading experiences with books close to their level, then as their reading muscles get stronger you can give them a greater variety of books.

You wouldn't go weightlifting as a beginner and start with lots of weight, would you? Nope. Hopefully some of these books fit the reading level of your intended reluctant reader, and if not, I always take requests! With that being said, here's Short List 01 for The Reluctant Reader:

You by Charles Benoit
This is a fairly short, direct novel that will greatly appeal to boys. The main character, Kyle, tells the story of how he ended up in a rather terrible spot: somewhere he shouldn't be at a times he shouldn't be there, surrounded by shattered glass and blood. Told expertly in 2nd person, Kyle's story really gets you in his head, and to the point that you are understanding and sympathetic to his choices and his fate. Like I said, this would have great success with a boy audience, but I wouldn't hesitate giving it to girls either. (910 Lexile)

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
This book will provide a powerful reading experience--it's emotion packed and the action gets deeper and deeper the more you read, and you'll be sucked in, guaranteed. Definitely better for a girl audience, it's about a girl who leaves 13 tapes behind . . . 13 tapes for 13 people with 13 reasons why she couldn't stand living anymore. It's really a thought-provoking book with everyday drama that people can relate to-- even as it escalates. (550 Lexile)

Cinder by Marissa Meyer 
Click here for my review.
At a 790 Lexile level, this book will do great with lower level readers looking for a good time. It's a retelling of Cinderella, but there's much more that involves cyborgs as well as lots of juicy secrets and volatile diplomatic dynamics between a futuristic China and Lunar (a Moon kingdom). Perfect for readers who like manga/anime type stuff, or for readers who like fantasy. But I'm neither of those, and I still really liked this book. Bonus: it's a series so if that reluctant reader likes this one, they'll probably get hooked on the rest of them! 

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