Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This first Literacy Links is basically a hot list for my main literacy resources--the websites that have some quality book resources (lists, recommendations, etc) as well as quality literacy & reader resources (tips, research, etc).

Kind of like Facebook--but much better because it's all about books. You can friend your friends and see what they're reading, or follow people (including authors!) that read books you like. This is probably the number one way I find books to read. Lists on lists on lists, ratings, and reviews are some of the best parts of the site, and there's lots of other fun content too.

Guys Read
 Great because of the resources, but also because we share a core belief: that anyone will read if it's something that interests them.

YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association)
Plenty of literacy tips & book lists to be found here; take a look at these tips for readers. Plus, their Teen Book Finder app is kind of fun to play around on.

Teen Reads
Great for giveaways and reviews. I really love & use this website for the book lists though, especially the Ultimate Reading List, Cool & New books, and Adult Books You Want To Read.

YABC (Young Adult Books Central)
Very current new releases and reviews. You can contribute by writing your own reviews.

Novel Novice
A website akin to this one . . . promotes reading & explores YA books, as well as some wonderfully curated lists of middle grade lit and a mind for literacy and writing.


A book recommendation engine that I love for it's exclusives. The recommendation engine is good too, as are the book lists. One of my favorite sites just to look around on.

SMART (Start Making A Reader Today)
An Oregon based reading initiative, but has lots of good articles, tips, and research on early childhood literacy that can translate to adolescent and adult literacy. You have to check out the Reading Is Critical Infograph. 

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